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Caught on Tape: The Joys of Raising Teenagers

October 13, 2010 - Linda Grasso

My friend Debbie Leikko, who is a talented editor and filmmaker here in LA, recently sent me this hilarious video she made about raising teenagers.  Debbie, by the way,  is the incredibly generous person who edited my Oprah "try-out" tape I shared with you this past summer.  Remember that contest she had to be The Next TV Star on her new, about-to-debut network? Thanks again for all your votes, by the way (more on what happened with that  later this fall...surprise surprise.... I was a finalist!).

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Tabbouleh Gets a California Makeover

September 11, 2010 - Linda Grasso


The last of the season's tomato crop is coming in now and with such abundance, now is the time for dishes which feature tomatoes as the star.  While the classic Middle Eastern dish of Tabbouleh may not be the first dish to come to mind, in my version of the salad tomatoes get star billing.

My 94-year-old grandmother is Armenian, and over the years, she’s taught me to make her Tabbouleh.  However, I put, what I call, a California twist on it. Mine is lighter on the parsley - and heavier on other fresh herbs. I take advantage of my herb garden by tossing anything that's readily available - including mint, basil, oregano, dill and lemon verbena.  My Tabbouleh is also more colorful - as I like to include red, yellow and orange veggies - and more tangy. 

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Contouring the Body with Laser Lipo: A Working Mom's Before & After

September 07, 2010 - Linda Grasso

IMG_8075  IMG_8367
                                BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

Most people would probably describe Kim, with her chic, short blond hair and pretty blue eyes, as trim and fit. At 5'8 and 155 pounds, she has toned legs and arms and an average size frame.   But the 48-year-old Los Angeles legal mediator is not happy with her body - particularly her mid-section. To her, it doesn't match the rest of her body. "I think my thighs are too large. They just look thick. Regardless of how hard I workout, I can't seem to get them to slim down.  I also have a bulge in my stomach and a little flap just below my bra. Both really bug me.  And, again, no matter what I do, I can't seem to reduce those areas."  

Kim exercises regularly and makes an effort eat healthy. "With kids and a full-time job, I'm on-the-go a lot, but I feel like I do try when it comes to eating.  My body just doesn't look like I want it to.  I'm approaching a certain age and I want my body to be as good as it can be before I get there."

Having ruled out traditional liposuction, because of the necessary downtime, Kim opted for laser liposuction performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Robert Applebaum. "We use the Zerona Laser.  It is a low energy light that allows fat to be eliminated.  There is no pain or downtime.  Patients usually do 6 twenty-minute sessions over the course of a month."

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A Beautiful Video Simply To Make You Smile

June 28, 2010 - Linda Grasso

First off, an admission. This post has absolutely nothing to do with California.

I just got back from a gut-wrenching funeral.  At the reception afterwards, a friend and I were noting that we now seem to be going to more funerals than weddings. A friend of mine put this up on her Facebook page today and, plain and simple, it made me smile.

It's an incredibly well-shot, beautiful video of the day - mostly before and after the ceremony -  of a couple's wedding.  It makes me remember there's also a lot of happiness going on in the world, too. Enjoy. 

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Motherhood Video: What Kind of Mom are You? SheSez Fesses Up!

May 05, 2010 - Linda Grasso

This week, to commemorate Mother's Day, I've been taking a long, hard look at myself.  Specifically, I've been wondering this: how am I doing as a mom?  I have two sons and I gotta tell you, motherhood is hard! I'm constantly tripping up - making wrong decisions, being late, struggling with impatience, and, quite frankly, acting like a kid myself.  I have to remind myself, on occasion (okay, frequently) that I'm the adult, they're the child.  I just wish it were easier to act like it.

So, for all you moms out there who beat yourself up over your multitudes of imperfections, this one's for you. And, I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

Fabulous Cover-Up & Bikini - Awesome Price!

April 08, 2010 - Linda Grasso

IMG_7329  I'm at the point where less is more - particularly when it comes to pool or beach wear.  I'd rather have one great bathing suit and cover-up, than a half dozen pieces that are just "ho-hum."  So, when I decided to add resort wear, as they call it, to the SheSez store, I immediately thought of  C.Z. Falconer.  The Los Angeles-based luxury lounge wear company knows how to combine sumptuous fabrics and superior craftsmanship - with a chic, glam flair.  And, lucky for us, the chief designer is a fan of SheSez and she agreed to give us special discounted prices on my favorite two pieces (no smart woman ever pays retail, in my opinion).

Christianna Long Tunic in berry, regularly priced at $225, special SheSez price $150

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